The Verified Top-Level Domains (vTLD) Consortium is open to registry operators that administer their vTLDs consistent with the vTLD Consortium Charter and membership criteria and commit to attend, participate in and contribute to the Consortium.

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All members of the Consortium must have established processes and policies that preserve the integrity of their vTLD(s):

  • Verification of eligibility prior to use. Ensuring domain name registrant identity and alignment with registry policies.
  • Adherence to standards. Requiring that domain name registrants maintain credentials necessary to participant in the vTLD and abides by registration policies.
  • Autonomy to take back name. Registry operators have discretion and authority to take back a domain name in the event of any violation of registration policies.
  • Ongoing verification. Registry operators will ensure ongoing vTLD eligibility through reverification or audits.

More information about the role of Members is available in the Charter. Registry Operators interested in joining the Consortium should complete the application available here and email it to